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This Journal is Indexed in Crossref.

The Crossref system is used for linking citations across publishers. To ensure direct linking to and from its contents, EDP Sciences registers its scientific research journals to Crossref. Online archives have also been indexed.

Any Crossref members can create direct links from its online references to the EDP Sciences contents, using Crossref database. Reciprocally, the online references of EDP Sciences articles include direct links to the cited articles. Such links can be created on condition that the reference of the cited article matches a Crossref data. In particular these direct links only concern references whose publishers have previously indexed their own data to Crossref.

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Authors can access the ICSH – 2023 Call for Papers. The submitted manuscript must report a substantial research contribution in an area of “FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL STUDIES AND HUMANITIES” that is both novel and significant.
Authors, shall submit the papers at the following Email: editoricsh2023@gmail.com

Review Process:

  • Authors should ensure that the article has been thoroughly reviewed for typographical and grammatical mistakes before submitting it.
  • The article must be written in English.
  • If English is not your first language, have a native English speaker proofread your paper. Papers will be returned if the level of English is deemed insufficient for publication.

All papers received by the due date will be sent for double-blind peer review. The decision will be intimated to the authors within 4-5 Weeks.

NOTE: Only the authors who receive official acceptance notification along with official acceptance letter as an attachment should proceed to the conference registration process.

ICSH – 2023 Conference Policy

Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (double submission). These matters are taken very seriously and the EDP will take action against any author who engages in either practice.

Instructions for Authors

We recommend that authors read our Publishing Policies & Ethics, and use our editorial guidelines and templates to prepare their article.

Besides, some tips on how to write a TITLE and an ABSTRACT in a proper way are given in this document. Please read it carefully before submitting your article.

Templates Word/LateX

Before preparing your article, please verify with the organizers of the proceedings the document type to be supplied at submission. For consistency into the volume, it is requested to use the same template for all the articles. There are 2 possible options:


The copyright is retained by the author(s) under the Creative Commons Attribution license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Authors grant EDP Sciences a license to publish their article and identify EDP Sciences as the original publisher. They also grant any third party the right to use, distribute and reproduce the article in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Policy on re-use

Conference papers may be updated, or enhanced, for further publication as a regular journal article, including submission to journals not published by EDP Sciences. Journal articles derived from work previously published in conference proceedings must contain a substantial of new or previously unpublished results. The question of whether there is sufficient additional material to warrant a new publication, is a matter for individual journals to decide. To enable informed decisions by journals, we recommend the authors to supply their chosen journal with a copy of their proceedings article, accompanied with a clear statement describing the material reproduced. In addition, a journal article derived from a proceedings paper must include a citation to this proceedings paper.


Ethical Requirements

Scientific publishing requires adherence to ethical standards. To ensure that ethical criteria are satisfied, understand Web of Conference publishing norms and ideas. Learn about authorship, proper citation of sources, plagiarism, accurate data reporting and the value of publishing unique research.

Definition of Authorship

On your document, who should be identified as an author? You may determine each author's obligations and the concept of authorship from the Web of Conferences.

Web of Conference considers individuals who meet all of the following criteria to be authors:
  • Contributed significantly intellectually to the formulation of the theory, the design of the system or experiment, the creation of the prototype and/or the analysis and interpretation of the data related to the work described in the publication.
  • Contributed to the intellectual content review, revision or drafting of the paper.
  • Accepted the final draft of the manuscript, complete with references for publication.
  • Contributors that don't fit the aforementioned requirements could be listed in the paper's acknowledgements section. A violation of publication ethics would be to omit an author who contributed to your paper or to include someone who did not meet all of the aforementioned criteria.

Proper Citation Practices

With proper citation techniques, you can increase the reproducibility of your research. Cite all of your sources. Citations are needed in a number of situations. Follow these recommendations:

  • Direct Quotation: Put quotation marks around any content taken verbatim from another source. Longer quotes should be indented.
    Add a reference to the original source.
  • Paraphrase or Summary: When reiterating or summarizing ideas, procedures, arguments or conclusions found in another source, be sure to include a citation.
  • Data, Research Results, Information, Graphics or Tables: If you use, alter or reuse any content from another source, please cite the original source.

Note: That your own previously published works are subject to the same rules. When in doubt, cite your sources.

Inappropriate Use of Citations

It is unethical to cite a pointless source in order to artificially boost citation metrics. Cite only pertinent sources that properly advance your argument in accordance with the standards described above.


  • Find out ways to prevent plagiarism. Plagiarism, according to the Web of Conference, is the use of another person's concepts, methods, conclusions or words without giving due credit to the original creator and source.
  • Any type of plagiarism is unethical and is regarded as a significant professional conduct violation with potentially serious ethical and legal repercussions. To avoid plagiarism, follow the exact citation guidelines mentioned above.
  • All papers are checked for plagiarism before publication on the Web of Conference.

Publish Original Research

In order for your paper to be published, it should:
  • Contain original, never-before-published research.
  • While you wait for a peer review judgment, do not submit to any other publications.
  • Every time a manuscript is submitted to a conference or magazine, it goes through the regular peer review process.
  • The article's subsequent iteration has a lot more technical details than its earlier iteration.
  • The subsequent version explicitly states how the two versions differ and references the older version.

Report Data Accurately

A person who reads relies on you to present your study findings clearly and provide accurate data reporting.
Avoid fabrication, falsification and image manipulation when conducting your research, writing or rewriting your article to make sure you are providing the entire picture.

Avoid: Fabrication: Making up information or outcomes.

Falsification: Changing or omitting data or results, as well as manipulating research tools, Techniques or Materials.
Picture Manipulation: Excessive or incorrect picture alteration that changes the image's meaning in terms of science.


Last date for full paper submission -
Notification of acceptance -
Registration commencing -
Registration deadline -
Camera Ready Paper submission -
Release of Conference Schedule -
Conference dates -
Graduate Students / Research Scholars / Academicians 10,000 INR
Industry and Others 12,000 INR
Only presentation (without publication) 3,000 INR
Conference Kit 2,000 INR
Academic / Research Scholar 130 USD
Graduate Students / Others 125 USD

Certificate will be given to all the authors of the paper.

The registration fee may be paid from debit / credit cards through the following link (Foreign authors should pay through this link only, please do not wire transfer).

Click here to pay using Credit / Debit cards

Alternatively, you can directly transfer the registration money to the account given below.

Registration fee Transfer Details

Through Google Pay (GPay): (+91) 9790120237 (SKRGC)

Bank Account Details

Please email your paper ID and a copy of the online transfer receipt to editoricsh2023@gmail.com upon completion of the online transfer.


For paid registration, an invoice will be presented on-site during the conference. However, email the information below to editoricsh2023@gmail.com if the author require an invoice before they can be paid. "Invoice request" must be the subject line of the email. The corresponding author will receive a pdf copy of the invoice.

Invoice information required:
  1. Paper ID
  2. Name of the billing author and affiliation
  3. Billing address
  4. E-mail ID
  5. Title of the paper
  6. Category of registration (Student / professional with publication option)
  7. Invoice amount (Registration fee)

Please send the above details as soon as you received the acceptance mail from the ICSH 2023.

IMPORTANT – Please take note that before submitting the final manuscript, AT LEAST ONE author MUST register for the entire conference. At the conference, students must present their full-time student ID for verification.

LETTER OF INVITATION – Authors of approved papers must send an email requesting a "Letter of Invitation" together with information including their name, affiliation, a working email address, the paper ID, the title, and the list of authors. "Invitation letter request" must be the subject line of the email. Please email to with your request at editoricsh2023@gmail.com

NOTES – Once your registration is complete, an email will be sent to you as confirmation. You can keep that mail as documentation of the payment you received. On request, the payment receipt will be made available during the meeting. Please bring the receipt to the registration desk. On-site registration will only accept cash (INR). The participants are responsible for paying all bank fees. The final receipt will only list the net amount that ICSH 2023 will receive (after deducting all bank fees). If the total money received is less than the invoice amount, registrants will be required to make the remaining payments (in cash on-site).

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY - If you cancel in writing and the ICSH 2023 receives your cancellation (date was ponsponed), 50% of your registration fee will be returned. The appropriate final paper shall be withdrawn from the process after reimbursement and cancellation. Refunds won't be given for cancellations made after (date was ponsponed), . After the conference, a refund (if any) will be given via online transfer.


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Organizing Secretary (ICSH-2023)

Mother Teresa Women’s University

Madurai Campus, Keelakuilkudi,

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Mail ID: editoricsh2023@gmail.com

Primary: (+91)9790120237

Secondary: (+91)9489460237

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